Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Staying Alive" by David Barshinger, written about our father, John Degnan

LINK HERE to READ this AMAZING article: http://www.boundless.org/2005/articles/a0002088.cfm

UPDATE: Please be in continued prayer for my dad as he is currently waiting on the 1st MRI on Aug. 18th following his surgery. He is currently under nutritional methods of care; advice & acting on the wisdom in the healing & hopeful shrinkage of this brain tumor which is not surgically going to be removed. He continues to struggle with double vision & cannot get any relief for it, since his last appointment revealed there to be no movement passed mid point. He is walking on his own, Praise God for the physical therapy as he does not need to go anymore, but with very careful guidance, slowly but surely every day he is regaining this strength.

We are facing this together as a family & it's a rough road in understanding & putting our full faith, fears & understanding in why & how God uses this situation & pains we experience for his Glory. We all LOVE this man so much & we also know how much God Loves him & we have no other choice but to trust HIM.

Thought you would enjoy reading this article that my brother in law David Barshinger wrote for a Focus on the Family magazine written for boys, called Boundless. He is truly an amazing writer, also a student at Trinity University in Chicago. He and my sister, Allison have two young boys & are just a wonderful couple. I always enjoy reading Dave's articles that really capture the truth & reveal critical points that God teaches in His Word!

Thanks for your continued prayers for my dad!
Love, Bon & Family

Monday, July 6, 2009

Continued Prayer NEEDS: Dad's Pathology Update

*** MORE PRAYERS Needed *** ... for dad's health & MRI in 2 approximately months to see rate of growth & possible further treatment plans. D&M got the very involved final Pathology report they asked to have in hand.
Diagnosis is: Astrocytoma Grade 2. What is known to be a Lesion on the floor of the 4th Ventrical. A Brain Tumor in his brain stem with Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia (eyes) ... in the way of 6 nerves on the right side, Scattered a-typical cells around the very small center of biopsy location.
It's hard to fathom & take all of this in, however... WE DO KNOW & are trying to keep the faith of God's Strength & ability to work through the Dr's, modern medicine & even miracles to make this tumor disappear! Thanks for those of you who have been asking & have been so faithful in your prayers & help for my family.
Hugs, Bon

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pre Surgery & After with Mom, May 09

A Walk through the neighborhood prior to surgery, the week before. My sister was also here from Chicago with her two little boys. How I wish dad could walk on his own again & have only the tracking problem he once had. Since surgery... The tracking problem is hardly even there. It seems to have been traded for this double vision.

I have several photos to share... This one is Dad & Mom about 2 days after dad's brain surgery.

Update on Dad's Surgery, June 5th, 09

This photo is me with 2 of my sisters with our dad about 2 days after surgery. He worked really hard to stand & smile for this photo. It breaks my heart to see him like this, but he is the best example of courage, faith & strength. He said he must have repeated to himself Isaiah 26:3 about 150 times prior to this surgery. ... What an amazing man he is! Sorry I have not been here much to report the latest, I have updated my ebay store to be on vacation settings through the 10th of June as of right now... Please read on for the latest update on my dad's condition. In Short, He is in Physical Therapy as he cannot walk & he is seeing double vision now approx. 15 days after his surgery... THANKS for continuing to pray!

To all of my faithful & devoted customers:

Thanks for all of your business & support with encouragement at this difficult time as my dad was dignosed with a brain tumor in his brain stem, following surgery at John's Hopkins on May 22nd, I am still here in PA where I have been since the middle of May so I must keep my store here on vacation settings until I return. Please feel free to see my me page for details or my website BLOG for further updates & prayer requests throughout this time. I will be working on updating my website STORE to ecommerce while I am away as well. Please be in prayer, he just turned 59 & has 5 children & 8 grandchildren, he still works full time & has a lot of faith & support, an amazing man! My dad's surgery went well, however, he is left with double vision & he cannot walk. Both of which he did not have as a problem when he entered into surgery, we are praying these will both return. They only took a very small biopsy from the center of the tumor & not any more as intial pathology during surgery revealed that it was benign & slow growing. It was quite critical & risky as everything is so very tiny where they were working. Functions such as vision, hearing, taste, breathing, heartbeat, swallowing & expressions in the face were all very likely affected as we see now. He could have been paralized or on breathing & feeding tubes, etc. So we are thankful & hopeful that during this time of healing, these issues will subside, I will keep you updated... as I can. Plan is to be home after the 10th of June.
I will appreciate your prayers & understanding & business when I return, it's very difficult taking the month off, but I know God is in control & my parents need me here. It has been a very good visit at home with my family.

Blessings, Bonnie
703-946-4200 is my cell number if you need to call me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dad's Surgery is scheduled: May 22nd.

Dad's Surgery is scheduled for May 22nd. Please pray... Right now, for him to get rest, his eyes are very tired from working them so hard with the tracking problems. He's still working & keeping very busy, he says, "It's good therapy" It's taking it's toll. I'm leaving next Tuesday for a month at home in PA.

Thanks for your prayers~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

UPDATE: I will be taking off the month of MAY to go home to PA & be with my family. ~

This photo was taken when we were altogether at Christmas! THANKS for your continued prayers & support; my parents have a beautiful family & cabin in which we all LOVE to go & be together. They are in their late 50's with 5 children & 8 grandchildren, 3 grandparents were there with us as well, in their late 80's! What a blessing!!! We will all be there on Mother's Day weekend, the 8th-10th. Dad is planning surgery for after this weekend, he is currently getting off of his blood thinners to prepare. I will keep you updated here when I am home & away from ebay & my business in Mississippi.

PLEASE PRAY for my Dad & Mom: (& the Degnan Family)

I WILL BE TAKING OFF THE MONTH OF MAY... PLEASE READ THIS BELOW: Feel free to check my website Blog for updates as I will away from ebay, with the exception of trying to keep up with a few sales on my weekly READY TO SHIP listings to keep up with a little income. I will be putting my store on Vacation... as my parents live in PA, 18 hours from our home here in Mississippi & I will not be working on custom outfits or shipping fabric until I return. Thanks for your prayers & support during this hard time.

I Love this picture taken Dec. 2008. We are facing a scary trial & storm as a family. In Short, A spot showed up on an MRI on Dad's brain stem, in late March. In the past few weeks many tests at further study through the best Dr's & Neurosurgeons at John's Hopkins revealed this being a tumor about 1/2" that will need to operated on to biopsy & find out if this lesion is benign or the other. This is the cause of some tracking/ focus problems most recently that he had come up with his left eye & some shaking in his mouth & jaw area in the previous 5 weeks or so since the 1st cat scan. God knows all of these details & exactly what is to come. We all need His strength right now & support of dear friends. This is very hard & came on so fast. Mom most especially needs prayer & supportive friends now. We want her to be strong for dad & the coming tests & treatment plans. Please PRAY for the wisdom of the Dr's & neurosurgeon/s... For Healing & Peace throughout this process & surgery. Yes, we are actually praying the symptoms will disappear & for the spot to disappear in the MRI they will do the day of his surgery. This is a very risky surgery that could easily cause paralysis and even worse.

This incredible & most amazing man I've ever known. Dad is strong & will fight this, he has gotten 2nd & 3rd opinions. We are working with whatever treatment plan is recommended at John's Hopkins. Most importantly we need to Trust God. He is in control & this is the first thing Dad said. This lesion has clearly effected these very sensitive places & we do not know what it is & need this surgery to be proactive. Medical technology has come a long way & we do have time. Time is most definitely a gift in itself, we seem to take that for granted when everything is going well. It's been a VERY emotional week here for my entire family, it's hard being away & hard being there amidst. WE LOVE THIS MAN God has blessed us with for so many years! We do not want suffering, we do understand that none of us are promised tomorrow. It's all hard to grasp... very hard, only in his strength, we are not alone & will fight this fight. Updates will be on my website BLOG.Thanks for your prayers, support & LOVE for my family.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PLEASE: Continued Prayers for my Dad & Family

For all of you who have been praying & asking faithfully about my dad, John,In short, the results are 1/2" tumor in the center of Dad's brain stem & the best surgeon on the East Coast is the Dr who will be performing this very risky surgery at John's Hopkins. This will most likely take place in 4-6 weeks or so??? Blood thinner meds need to be stopped prior as he's been taking for his heart for many years. Please place John on your prayer chains in the coming weeks. I will keep updated here as I can.

We all appreciate your continued prayers!
Bon & Family